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  1. Separating models and logic for storing and loading

    13 February 2015 08:10 - by Freek Lijten - 0 comments

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    In this blogpost I will showcase a simplified problem I recently encountered. Basically I am wondering how storing data and retrieving data are different and how you should / could model this. Since we need different information while storing and retrieving information it makes sense to model those actions in different ways. The how is still bothering me and in this post I give a possible solution. I truly hope I can get some reactions and thoughs of other people in on how they would solve these kind of problems.

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  2. PHP Benelux conference

    24 January 2015 22:44 - by Freek Lijten - 0 comments

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    I'm not sure if I visited every PHP Benelux conference or if I missed the first. What I am sure of however is that each and everyone of them was a blast. Afforable, well organised, good speakers, great socials and insane closing ceremonies. This year was no different, these are reviews of all the talks I visited.

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  3. Quick conflict over comforting customers

    13 January 2015 08:30 - by Freek Lijten - 0 comments

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    Deliberately displayed as one of the four statements from the agile manifesto, the title of this piece does not indicate that comforting customers is stupid or unnecessary. It indicates that quick conflict might be more important. Whatever I say in this piece, keep this in mind.

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  4. Walk the board - making a daily scrum useful

    24 February 2014 00:20 - by Freek Lijten - 0 comments


    For a while now I've been dissatisfied with daily scrums. For your understanding, we actually have two of them at Procurios. One is with our developer team (developer outside of the SCRUM context, meaning backend-coders writing code in PHP and the likes) and one is with the project teams. Both follow the "way of the three questions". This is not the most ideal way though.

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  5. Consistency vs. "The itch"

    18 February 2014 13:28 - by Freek Lijten - 2 comments

    I assume everybody has certain rules, regulations, guidelines or conventions at their jobs/open source projects. I like structure and consistency so, as long as they are sensible, these things make me happy. Still, every once in a while, something itches. What wins, itch or convention?

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