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  1. Walk the board - making a daily scrum useful

    24 February 2014 00:20 - by Freek Lijten - 0 comments


    For a while now I've been dissatisfied with daily scrums. For your understanding, we actually have two of them at Procurios. One is with our developer team (developer outside of the SCRUM context, meaning backend-coders writing code in PHP and the likes) and one is with the project teams. Both follow the "way of the three questions". This is not the most ideal way though.

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  2. Consistency vs. "The itch"

    18 February 2014 13:28 - by Freek Lijten - 2 comments

    I assume everybody has certain rules, regulations, guidelines or conventions at their jobs/open source projects. I like structure and consistency so, as long as they are sensible, these things make me happy. Still, every once in a while, something itches. What wins, itch or convention?

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  3. SOLID - The D is for Dependency Inversion Principle

    02 January 2013 10:07 - by Freek Lijten - 0 comments

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    The fifth principle of the five SOLID principles is the Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP). You might expect an article on the ISP first, but I feel the internet is filled with enough posts about SOLID. This one was already finished so I'll publish it nonetheless :) 

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  4. Continuous learning

    21 December 2012 08:21 - by Freek Lijten - 3 comments

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    A couple of years ago I was still at the Utrecht University of Applied Science (university in short from now on), I detested it. Sure, I liked information science and I like to dabble around, but formal education is something that was obviously not for me. It took me four different educations and a year of working in between to even finish one.

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  5. SOLID - The L is for Liskov Substitution Principle

    04 September 2012 08:55 - by Freek Lijten - 4 comments

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    Between a holiday in the states, buying and redecorating a house and a summer it has been a long time since my last blog entry. It seems about time for a new one :) Today we'll be dealing with the third principle of SOLID, the Liskov Substitution Principle.

    The Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP) was coined by Barbara Liskov as early as 1987. The principle is very tightly connected to the earlier discussed Open Closed Principle. A good way of adhering to the OCP is understanding and implementing code that uses the Liskov Substitution Principle. In this article we will discover why and how.

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